1 symposium

On 22 November 2016, Flanders Make organised its very first symposium. More than 300 interested people from the industry, knowledge centres and public agencies attended the first edition. They came to share their expertise on issues that are relevant and topical for the wider manufacturing industry and to talk about their most valuable innovation-related cases. Of course, Flanders Make also highlighted its own expertise and research results. Besides, during the network breaks, lunch and dinner, participants could attend demonstrations. It is our ambition to organise this event on an annual basis, inviting top keynote speakers from both the business and academic world.


Very positive reactions

After the symposium, Flanders Make set up an online survey to assess the satisfaction of participants. The reactions that we received were very enthusiastic:

  • 92% of all respondents assessed the symposium as good to very good. 7% thought it was good enough.
  • 85% of the respondents had acquired knowledge that will have an impact on their future professional activities or on their business operations.
  • 99% of the respondents is interested in the next edition of the symposium.