Bekaert: advanced algorithmic building blocks for R&D sensors

Bekaert makes considerable efforts for the improvement and automation of its steel wire production facilities.  Within the scope of these R&D activities, Bekaert is developing online sensors because these allow to skip manual or laboratory observations.  The sensors provide feedback in real time, which makes it possible to gain insights faster.  With these insights, researchers entrusted with the improvement of products, processes and machines can set to work.  Major improvements can then be implemented worldwide using adjusted procedures, settings or machine upgrades.

Modern sensors retrieve the best from the sensor hardware (the sensitive element) through fast and advanced signal processing.  Developing these algorithms is part of the core technologies that must enable rapid innovations.  Algorithms are an ultrafast interplay of several algorithmic building blocks (functionalities), which – in the right composition – can offer the solution for online measurement problems.  In cooperation with Flanders Make, very specific algorithmic building blocks are being developed, which can then be integrated by Bekaert.   Speed, precision and robustness are important properties that the sensor system must meet, which can be achieved by, for instance, an adaptive parameter configuration.