Application of the DFMA method

Design for Manufacturing (DFM) and Design for Assembly (DFA) were already introduced in the middle of the 1980's for mass production of small products. Nevertheless, the 'First Time Right’ principle still has considerable application potential in Flemish companies for the production and/or assembly of components. Flanders Make developed a specific integrated DFMA method for the development of powerful, complex products that are manufactured in small volumes. This enables companies to optimise their product development, design validation and product launch processes.

By applying this DFMA method on an elbow-shaped unloading module (FH30), CNH succeeded in:

  • considerably reducing the number of design adjustments after the product launch, resulting in less production problems. The number of changed drawings compared to the total number of drawings was decreased from on average 33% to 10%;
  • reducing the number of assembly hours per vehicle by more than 20%;
  • limiting the material costs by more than 2.5%.

Based on these positive results, CNH decided to integrate the DFMA method in its current development process.