BMS-software for e-trucks

Together with Flanders Make, E-Trucks Europe developed a battery pack for its first electric truck, which was presented to the press on 12 February 2012. For the next generation of e-trucks, the company took over the design of the first battery pack and built the next battery packs themselves based on this initial design. However, the Battery Management System (BMS) was still open for improvement. That is why E-Trucks Europe requested Flanders Make to adjust this BMS and align it with the new e-trucks. Recently, E-trucks Europe implemented the BMS-software of Flanders Make. On this occasion, the company’s engineers were also given extensive training on the way in which the software can be adjusted to the requirements of the newest generations of e-trucks. Currently, the customised BMS-software is being used to build the sixth generation of e-trucks, an electrically powered truck for waste collection.