Optimisation of motion measurements

Flanders Make and several project partners studied motion measurements using cameras, Decawave and IMU. These techniques allow to estimate very accurately the motion of objects and vehicles in a 3D-space by defining characteristic points. If more accurate measurements are required, the measuring situation must be restricted by assessing the movement in relation to a flat surface. To this end, Flanders Make worked out a proof of concept generating a reliable motion estimate with an accuracy up to one millimetre. Octinion continued to work on the algorithms created by Flanders Make: based on the examined concepts, they developed an appropriate method for accurately estimating the motion of a tractor.


Robot arm controller for picking strawberries

Octinion is launching a new product on the market: a robot for picking strawberries. It consists of a mobile platform and a robotic arm picking strawberries and putting them in boxes. To warrant the commercial viability of the robotic arm, a fast and accurate operation is a must, as is its realisation using cheap and imperfect parts. As a result, the robotic arm will show unwanted flexibility as well as play, friction, etc. while still having to perform accurate picking and placing motions in less than 1.5 seconds. The controller, developed by Octinion on the basis of control concepts generated together with Flanders Make for estimating the parameters, has a model-based architecture that ensures that the robotic arm can deliver the aimed at results. Furthermore, thanks to the model-based design of the controller, Octinion will be able to proceed swiftly with next generations of the robotic arm.