With its research, Flanders Make wants to improve and accelerate the product and process innovation efforts of our Flemish manufacturing companies. This will have a positive impact on employment and production rates in Flanders.

In 2016, Flanders Make developed a new, integrated strategy focussing on the core domains in which we want to be active. By investing more resources in a limited number of domains, we can innovate faster. With this strategy, we want to meet the needs of companies in the short, medium and long term and anticipate trends for smart, connected production systems to size even better.

Also in 2016, Flanders Make succeeded in showing strong growth figures. The number of members rose to 100, investments to 100 million Euro and the number of projects to 35.

All these projects fit within 8 research programmes:

  • Clean and Energy-Efficient Motion Systems
    Research into electromechanical and hybrid powertrains that consume and spill less energy.
  • Smart Monitoring Systems
    The next step when it comes to the reliable monitoring and improved controlling of machines, vehicles and processes.
  • High-Performance Autonomous Mechatronic Systems
    Research into autonomous systems in machines and vehicles.
  • Intelligent Product Design Methods
    Research into new model-based design methods that accelerate innovation and creation processes.
  • Design and Manufacturing of Smart and Lightweight Structures
    Realising breakthroughs in the design and production of smart, lightweight structures.
  • Additive Manufacturing for Serial Production
    Research into more robust and faster techniques in view of serial production of components.
  • Manufacturing of High-Precision Products
    Research into the production of high-precision components for demanding industrial systems.
  • Agile and Human-Centred Production and Robotics Systems
    Research into agile production cells in which man and machine can help one another and work together as a complementary team.