In short

In 2016, Flanders Make continued its sustained growth as strategic research centre for the Flemish manufacturing industry. Meanwhile, we have 100 members and invested over 100 million Euro in technological research in the field of mechatronics, product development methods and production technologies.

We have supported over 34 projects that fit within 8 well-defined research programmes, which we will briefly present to you. And even more important: our research is no paper tiger but is effectively implemented in products and production, witness the 20 success stories that we have summarised for you. Also, 5 Flemish companies will tell from first-hand experience exactly what the cooperation meant for them. You will notice, creating a win-win situation is the common thread.

What it boils down to is permanent innovation, ever faster and better and using open platforms. And what better way to do this than by organising events ourselves, launching new initiatives and encouraging mutual contacts between companies? We also summarised our efforts in 2016 in the field of knowledge dissemination.

You’ll also find in this annual report some basic information about our organisation. Think of our members, figures, board of directors, project flow and results. Finally, we will give the floor to our Chairman Urbain Vandeurzen and General Manager Dirk Torfs to express our ambitions for 2017. One thing is for sure: together with you, Flanders Make has a promising future ahead of it.