Tom Coen, Octinion

“Flanders Make plays an essential part in bringing together the industrial and academic community.”

Since 2009, Octinion, a commercial R&D company, is mainly active in the agricultural and food industry. Octinion helps companies to innovate as cost-effectively as possible by offering various measurement and test solutions and through mechatronic product development. According to Tom Coen, CEO of Octinion, the added value of Flanders Make is that it brings together the industrial and academic community. “Flanders Make connects the right researchers to the right companies, which represents a major contribution to innovative developments.”

“At Octinion, we prefer keeping control over the whole process, from concept over the construction of a prototype to the actual products. Flanders Make facilitates the cooperation with other companies, allowing us to go through this process faster and in a more cost-effective way. By working together for a new development with partners that already dispose of specific expertise, we can achieve results sooner. And, also important, costs can be shared. So, in short, a clear win-win situation.”


Robot for picking strawberries

“Octinion already took part in several Flanders Make projects. Two projects have already been completed. The first project on alternative positioning systems already has a successor, in which new positioning techniques are studied, focussing on cost-effectiveness. This is done using ultra-wide band technology, an affordable substitute for the GPS satellite. The second completed project involved a project development of our own. For the development of a robot for picking strawberries, a map of the environment, i.e. the 3D-world around the robot, had to be created so that the robot can keep track of the position of ripe strawberries and suchlike. The cooperation with Flanders Make was of great importance in this process.”

“In the future, we will continue to invest in creating innovative products, both for third parties and for our own production. Now that the first products are ready to market, we expect strong growth figures in the years to come. I think, among others, of own products such as the robot for picking strawberries and our autonomously navigating vehicle for both indoor and outdoor applications. Also a robot for maintaining artificial turfs, which we developed for one of our customers, is ready to be marketed. Finally, we still have a number of projects in the pipeline. One thing is for sure: also in future we will work together with Flanders Make in projects focussing on the development of highly innovative solutions.”

Tom Coen, Octinion

“Meanwhile, a first completed project already has a successor.”

Tom Coen, Octinion