Urbain Vandeurzen

A study conducted for The World Economic Forum has shown that industry is important for the prosperity of a nation. In Flanders, industry represents 70% of all R&D efforts, 80% of its export and 14% of the GNP. These figures show that the decline of the past 15 years has been halted and that the situation has stabled. To make progress again, we must renew our industrial fabric. Flanders Make can play a key role in this process as a catalyst for technological innovation within our manufacturing industry. By offering companies and universities the opportunity to work together in the best possible conditions within the scope of strategic research projects and by focussing on product and process innovation, our companies can remain competitive on the major export markets. In this way, we can reverse the decline and create growth again.

Urbain Vandeurzen, Chairman

“Meanwhile, Flanders Make has reached cruising speed as a catalyst for technological innovation within our manufacturing industry.”

Urbain Vandeurzen, Chairman

At cruising speed

In the past year, Flanders Make has – again – taken important steps. The eight roadmaps, which were defined in close cooperation with Flemish universities and industry, have been further elaborated and refined. At this moment, the number of members has increased to 100, which implies that the top of the Flemish industry is now an active member of our organisation. We invested 82 million Euro in no less than 34 cooperation projects with both large and smaller companies. In short, our story has reached cruising speed.